Sunday, July 18, 2010

about me i guess

I was born in el paso but only lived there for a few weeks or was it a month I dont remember.

Moved to vegas, lived there from then on. lived in 3 different houses from ages 1 to now.

when I was little I said I wanted to be a heart sugeon but that was just because my dad told me so.

I went to harley harmon elementary school, thurman white middle school, and Votech for highschool.

At Votech I studied 3d Animation where we used 3d Max, which I probably never use again since the Industry uses Maya, maybe.

After high school I got a job as a laborer for a while and went community college for a bit. Then I came to Vancouver, Canada to go to the Vancouver Film School. Then I sat down to write this blog for a class assignment. Then I wrote the word Assignment.


My Full name Is Gustavo A. Ramirez.

I'm a Mexican American who was born on 1989

I have family in chihuahua, chihuahua Mexico where both my parents are from.

I also have family in el paso and California i think.

I have over 20 aunts and uncles.

I forget things really easily and am socially akward ok.

I missed out on all the cool stuff of the from the past 2 decades, so I experience it all as it was new, and I find it so much better than Tv. (usually media related things). So although I like to concider myself a fan of "retro" I know very little. All i know is that i like pixels.

Did i say i forget things? cause I do.

Ill post more things as I remember

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