Thursday, March 24, 2011


I often wonder where I want to end up in twenty years.

When i was younger I'd fantasize about philosophical victories, understanding the world better than most, understanding myself, and achieving great things in both life and relationships.

I spent so much time dreaming, that, unfortunately, life drove right by, and by the time I came to, I realized I hadn't built any skills in both my self and in craft.

I feel ashamed of the life I've lived and the person I've become, but I realize have to leap out into the world regardless of my insecurities and limitations, and although I have to learn what most have already learned, I have to take that first step forward, or I might become something worse.

times running out, and I don't want build any more regrets.


It bums me out to think people can be fooled so easily.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bitter herbs

I am currently killing this goddamn plant for an item.

The item drop rate is .2%, and I'm killing 6 every 14 minutes.

I have been doing this for days, and I still haven't gotten it yet.

I will do this forever if I have to, I don't care, it's about the principle at this point.

This game hates me.
When I first made this I wasnt entirely serious, but I think ill get my act together.

Which means ill revamp my previous posts so it aint just a dull list of links.

In the mean time, click the links ;D